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Settlers Superhero Jerky

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Settlers/Superhero Jerky in Walnut, California is a family business that has produced quality jerky for more than 40 years. We currently produce and distribute 50 different jerky flavors and styles to more than 60 companies.

About Us

The Anderson Family began operations in 1977 in San Gabriel, California. Since then, our company has provided superior artisan jerky snacks to customers nationwide. We have set the bar for our industry and through the years, our product has been imitated by many competitors, but none of them succeeded in creating jerky as flavorful as ours!

Settlers Superhero Jerky
Settlers Superhero Jerky

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Trust Settlers/Superhero Jerky to provide a quick but delicious way to get your protein fix. For more information regarding our meat products, please reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.